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Greetings and Welcome to Spirit of the Stars.  Our site is a community of people exploring Spiritual Growth, Expanding Consciousness and Meeting Like-Minded people.  Our community is based on an email discussion list.  The list is free to our members.

If you are drawn to the products page, you will find  wonderful products that will enhance and assist  your exploration of expanding consciousness and spiritual awakening.  Your purchase of some of these products will help to keep this list free for members.

New features are being added to the  web site and will include a glossary of terms, free meditation downloads and additional products for you.  These products are personally tested and recommended by me.

I will be posting discussion topics and my experience with it.  Members will respond with their own experience and thoughts about the topic.

Journey with others as we discover who we are and reveal our full potential.

2. Once on the join page, click the “Click Here” link to join.
3. The FreeLists join Page appears. Enter your email address and click go. Ignore the rest of the stuff on this page.
4.Once you have joined the list, you will get emails from me and other people on the list.
5. I will post topics 3 or 4 times a month, usually. This will give time for all who wish to respond to the list with their thoughts to do so.
6. To respond to a post, just click Reply and post your comments and click send. Your message will be posted to all members on the list.
7. I will be responding to various posts from members, just like you will.
8. This interactive posting creates a community of us sharing thoughts and ideas.
9. If you feel you are getting too many posts, you can opt to get a digest version. This will accumulate the daily messages and put them into one email. If you need help with setting up the digest mode, let me know and I’ll help you set it up.

Once again, here is the join link for the group. http://www.lightofthesun.com/join.html Welcome!

Love and light,
Exploring Consciousness ~ A Discussion Group
We are creating a community of spiritually minded folks using an email discussion list. Our community gives us the opportunity to explore thoughts about consciousness and expanding consciousness. Through our web page, www.lightofthesun.com, we will also be offering some products that can enhance your exploration of consciousness and help keep our group free.
The way our email discussion list works...
1. You join the free list following this link, http://www.lightofthesun.com/join.html